Realtime to iPad

The future is here - Realtime reporting combines stenographic skills with the latest computer technology to nearly instantaneously bring a transcript to life.  As the proceeding is occurring the spoken words appear on your laptop or your iPad.  We don't even need to be in the same room.  With blazing fast technology and the power of the internet you can receive the realtime transcript anywhere in the world.

Link up co-counsel or your paralegal back at the office and they can see it on their screen and they can view it too.   

No laptop? No iPad?  No problem. We are happy to provide a laptop computer or an iPad for your use during the deposition.

  • Transcript appears in realtime
  • Immediate access to depositions
  • Mark lines or important testimony
  • Jump to marks created throughout the deposition
  • Pause/follow the realtime feed
  • Create notes that are affixed to the relevant lines of the realtime transcript.
  • Export the saved file that including annotations to your computer for review and case preparation purposes.

Download the Software